Shimano 19 Beast Mater 6000 Electric Reel for BIG Game Language Switchable


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Shimano Electric Reel
19 Beast Master 6000
Language Switchable (JP/EN/KR/CN)
Condition: Brand New
Catch large fish with unprecedented power and speed!
● Renewed capabilities with the theme of “Both High Power and High Speed”.
As a result of optimizing the control of [GIGA-MAX MOTOR], which is the heart of this time, and pursuing a power increase of more than 10% compared to 14 Beast Master 6000, practical roll-up endurance has been reduced from 20kg to 22kg.
As a result, the Yellowfin Tuna Game, for example, achieves powerful high-speed winding even when confronting large fish, greatly reducing the chance of becoming a Shark prey.
In addition, new functions such as NEW seabed / fish school depth display, language switching display (Japanese / English / Korean / Chinese) and aluminum cold forging clutch lever are also available.
Corresponding to high dimensions with exciting high power and high speed.

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