Shimano 19 Beast Master 2000EJ


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Shimano 19 Beast Master 2000EJ English display From Japan
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Language switching: It is now possible to switch the display language of liquid crystal to either Japanese or English.
Gear ratio: 5.1 weight: 690g PE winding amount: #3-500m, #4-400m, #5-300m Fluoro line winding amount: #5-320m, #6-250m 4.5m of leader fluoro (60lb) In the case of PE guide line winding amount: #3-440m, #4-330m, #5-260m Maximum winding length: 70cm / rotation of handle Spool diameter: 44mm Spool width: 38mm Spool lower winding line: #4-300m bearings quantity: 14/1 handle length: 60mm / As the third option after spinning and bait, Beastmaster 2000EJ is a model that supports electric jigging that Shimano gives to all jigging anglers. High-speed jerk that cannot be created by human hands is possible, and a new function, EJ mode, that can produce a variety of jig actions including slide & fall is installed. This new function is realized by the brushless GIGA-MAX MOTOR, which allows the spool to stop instantly when the winding stops and creates line slack freely. In addition, the combination of GIGA-MAX MOTOR and a reinforced gear system that has doubled the durability provides sufficient power and speed while maintaining the durability required for jigging games. In addition, a number of features that appeal to the sensitivity of the jigging angler, such as the motor & clutch interlock function, quick return clutch, NEW seabed / fish school depth display, super free spool, e-centering system, etc. This is an electric jigging reel that has the potential to develop an entirely new type of jigging.

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